Natural Healing: Alkaline Water Does A Body Good


The ideal water to drink during and after detoxifying and cleansing is alkaline water.
Alkaline water is specially processed water that raises its pH balance, which is usually neutral (7.0 pH). Any water that is higher than 7.0 on the pH scale is alkaline water.
Really good alkaline water should have a pH of between 8.5 and 9.5.
Drinking alkaline water over time will automatically influence your body’s pH balance and cause it to rise. Ideally, the human body’s pH level or balance should be 7.3; however, due to the standard American diet that is very acidic and which many of us unwisely consume, our pH level is below 7.3, usually ranging from 6.0 to 6.8 in the average person.
An acid pH is not good for optimal health. Acidity is one half of anaerobia, which is a state of low oxygen and low pH that allows disease to physically manifest and destroy health and vitality. Every degenerative disease denotes anaerobia. And where there is anaerobia there is mucus and some level inflammation.
When the pH balance is thrown off or altered, overall health will also be thrown off or altered, hence im-balance aka dis-ease.
Just about everything the majority of us consume (and enjoy) is acidic: meat (animal cadavers and slaughtered animal flesh), dairy products, refined grains, refined starch (stiffening agents), sugar, salt , chemical additives (preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc.), candy and chocolate, soda, pop, wine, alcohol,beer, processed orange juice, coffee and hot cocoa, commercial tea beverages and fruit juices and even bottled water.
The most acidic substance you could consume are soda pop (2.0 pH) and vinegar (0.0 pH). And boy, do Americans love soda pop.


Is a Major cause of Many Health Problems.

Our body, has 70 trillion cells that are made up of 70% water and 30% mass = muscle = protein = 100%. Our body complex is equal to the Earth’s Complex of 70% water & 30 % Mass. A Divine match.

Water, is lost through breathing, sweating, urination and bowel movements. Minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium (essential electrolytes) that maintain fluid balance in the body can also be depleted. If too much water or electrolytes are lost, the body becomes out of balance and dehydrated. The young and the elderly are extremely susceptible to dehydration.

Some symptoms of dehydration mild to severe include:

Dry mouth
Swollen tongue
Increased thirst
Muscle weakness
Heart palpitations
Inability to sweat
Few or no tears when crying
Decreased urination that is concentrated
Nausea and vomiting
Inability to focus
Low blood pressure
Sunken eyes
Non elastic skin (sagging & hanging flesh)

Severe dehydration can lead to a coma, organ failure and in extreme cases, be fatal.

Change your Water, Change your Body, Change your Life…


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