How We Hydrate

drinking water

Since water comprises about 50 to 70% of our physical composition, it makes sense that hydration is key to good health. Every day you have the opportunity to choose to hydrate with healthy, beneficial, and uncontaminated fluids that can thoroughly nourish your body. When was the last time you inspected what you choose to drink every day?

Here’s a ranking of the most consumed beverages in the U.S. (Beverage Marketing Corporation, 2008):
1. Carbonated Soft Drinks
2. Bottled Water
3. Coffee
4. Milk
5. Beer

Why do so many Americans choose to fill their bodies with sugary, caffeinated beverages that do not have additional benefits and/or do not prevent dehydration?

A 2008 study found that carbonated soft drinks were consumed almost twice as much as any other beverage. Unfortunately, soft drinks are full of calories, and even the Center for Disease Control has recommended measures to decrease the consumption of this sugary beverage. Clearly, this is not what should be fueling the body.

Kangen Water® can hydrate your body with clean, healthy water, and it’s conveniently available in the comfort of your own home. The Enagic Kangen Water® machine offers a variety of water along the pH scale, so you can sustain inner and outer health with the touch of a button. Choose alkaline Kangen Water; and drink the recommended one ounce of water for each pound of your body weight for daily hydration.
Fight the urge to fill your body with unhealthy beverages! Be smart; hydrate with delicious and fresh Kangen Water® for better health.

Contact Leroy White (Kangen Distributor) or stop by Be In Health LLC at 323 S. Washington Street, Shelby NC 28150 about the other many waters produced by Kangen Ionizer and see how you can save on beauty products and all your household cleaning supplies.

For further information go to: and watch the  DEMO.


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