The #1 Vitamin Deficiency Damaging Your Brain



Low energy and weakness Memory problems
Confusion or “fuzziness” Irritability and mood swings
Persistent sleep problems Dizziness or lightheadedness
Digestive problems Weak immunity
Hearing and vision loss Tingling in the extremities

Nearly 50% of Older Adults Have a Hidden Vitamin Deficiency That Causes
Memory Loss, Confusion, Fatigue, and Depression. Learn How You Can
Overcome It and Trigger a Health Revival You Have to Feel to Believe… 

  • “Being even mildly deficient in vitamin B12 may put older adults at a greater risk for accelerated cognitive decline.”[6] – Tufts Nutrition News, 2013
  • “B12 is the most important nutrient you aren’t thinking about…B12 deficiency can mimic all of the effects of aging.”[7] – Dr. David Katz of the Yale University Prevention Research Center in 2012
  • “B12 deficiency is common, with troubling symptoms…that are similar to many other problems related to growing older.”[8] -The Mayo Clinic Health Letter, September 2013
  • “B12 deficiency can be sneaky, harmful and is relatively common, especially among older people.”[9] -The Harvard Medical School’s health blog January 10th, 2013

The famous Dr. Mehmet Oz, recently devoted an episode of his TV show to “America’s B12 Deficiency”[10] and why this is a national crisis in the making

Emerging research is showing that being deficient in B12 puts your brain in serious danger, so if you care about your cognitive health, you better be sure that you’re getting enough.

Come by Healing, Health and Wellness Center of Shelby and get your B12!



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