New Item: Alaffia Everyday Shea® Foaming Hand Soap on Sale!

IMG_20150505_184749On Sale for $2.99 MSRP: $5.99

Alaffia Everyday Shea® Foaming Hand Soap
In different scents: Vanilla Passion, Mandarin Mango, Peppermint Tingle, Honey sucker, Lemon Verbena and Lavender Spice.

*Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter Handcrafted & Unrefined* Non-GMO Shea*Paraben Free*Vegan
*No Animal Testing *No Synthetic Fragrance *Gluten Free *No SLS

Why Healing, Health and Wellness Center carry and support Alaffia?
Community Empowerment & Gender Equality
While poverty and gender inequality issues seem overwhelming on the African continent, Alaffia believe through fair trade of our indigenous African resources and knowledge, their communities can rise from poverty and become self-sufficient without relying on outside aid. Alaffia pay fair wages to member of our certified fair trade shea butter and coconut cooperatives in Togo, and we use the funds from this foaming soap and our other Alaffia® products to conduct our community empowerment projects, including:

Bicycles for Education: Since 2006, Alaffia has distributed over 4,500 bicycles to disadvantaged students in Togo to encourage them to stay and succeed in school.

Maternal Health Care: Each year, Alaffia provides pre and post-natal care to 1000 mothers to help reduce the high maternal death rate in Togo.

Reforestation & Environment: Alaffia plants 10,000 trees each year with rural farmers to prevent soil erosion and prepare for the unpredictable effects of climate change.


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