In Spirit and In Truth: Fundamentals Of Worship Workshop April 7th

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24 KJV)monkimage

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Biblical based understanding of what it means to be a worshipper. Worship transforms both internal and external environments. Learn about having worship on Earth as it is in Heaven. During this seminar one will gain a deeper understanding of worship and how to use your role as a worshipper to affect and influence your individual worship, your family and church for God. Grow practical skills required to build a team of excellence. You will begin a new life of worship as you put into practice true biblical worship. This study is outlined as follows:

• Why We Worship
• The Priesthood
• Consecration
• Prophetic Worship
• Lunch
• Studies in sound
• Skilled Musicians
• Songwriting Basics

About the Instructor
Nate DeGrandpre loves mentoring worship leaders and people who want a deeper relationship with Jesus and an understanding about worship. He brings years of experience working with churches, praise teams and worship leaders. He has lent his talent as worship leader and band member to various local churches. He is currently on staff at Morningstar Ministries in Fort Mill, SC.

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