Alkaline Water


Alkaline Water is now available at Healing, Health and Wellness Center of Shelby LLC.

Imagine water that:
– Taste great, silky smooth – you crave it
– Helps flush your body of acidic toxins
– Aides in losing weight
– Delivers more antioxidants than a glass of Orange Juice (without calories)
– Hydrates up to 6Xs more than other water
– Is a source of healthy alkaline minerals
– Improves absorption of supplements and minerals
– Boost vitality and energy by PH balancing
– Rich in oxygen for healthy cell respiration

Many Benefits of the Alkaline Ionized Water include:
· Helps Support pH Balance – Due to our typical diet and poor elimination of waste products, most people have a pH that is too acidic. Drinking Alkaline Water can help bring about pH Balance, making it harder for diseases to gain a foothold in your body! Most bottled waters like Deer Park, Crystal Spring, all distilled and reversed osmosis water, including Dasani and AquaFina, are very acidic. Soft drinks and sports drinks are also very acidic.
· A Powerful Antioxidant Effect – Ionized Water provides a similar effect to some of the most powerful Antioxidants available! This water does not replace your supplements; it just works to help them benefit you more by creating greater absorption of nutrients.
· Superior Hydration – Ionized Water has a reduced molecular cluster size and a negative charge, hydrating you up to six times better than tap or bottled water. The molecular grouping of the water has been reduced electronically through ionization. Instead of a large cluster of 10 to 16 molecules, common in tap and bottled water, Ionized water contains only 5 to 8 molecules making it possible for the water to more easily pass through your cell walls for better absorption and hydration.
· Detoxifies Your System – The Micro-Clustering helps your body absorb the Alkaline Water, and the negative charge of the water more effectively flushes Acidic Toxins at the cellular level, often resulting in weight loss and a cleaner, healthier colon.
· More Oxygen – As water is ionized, it provides you with a rich source of extra oxygen to your cells, almost double the amount in tap or bottled water.

Stop by our demonstration center soon and try some Alkalized Water! Only $1.00 per gallon.  Be sure to stop by to refill your water supply every 2 to 3 days (although still great healthy water, alkaline ionized water loses some of its beneficial properties within 48 hours).


Pat Boone Introduces Kangen Water! Eye-opening Demo with Bob Gridelli!

Kangen Water® is a registered trademark of Enagic Co., Ltd.

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